Nikki Manos Releases Gritty & Atmospheric Album That Impacts On A Visceral Level ‘Rebel’s Twilight’

Nikki ManosPhoto by Madame De Fer

Upon first investing time into Nikki Manos’ unbelievably accomplished album ‘Rebel’s Twilight’, I felt as if I had found a kindred spirit. Then through research and learning about Manos’ background and the genesis of this album, I found that my original assessment was justified. From our shared love of movies, the western genre, and Ennio Morricone. I am personally always concocting movie scenes in my head to go with music I am listening to. ‘Rebel’s Twilight’ is the perfect album for such a feat.

Manos’ expertly intertwines multiple genres creating a magnificent soundscape for listener’s to get blissfully lost in. This album is layered at an exquisite level, and it allows the listener to immerse themselves in the world that’s been created for them. ‘Hard To Breath’ is a particular standout song to me. The rough and guttural guitar riffs remind me of a sound akin to White Zombie. Full of vigor and oozing attitude.

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The crafting of this album is a masterwork. Manos’ Production and stellar songwriting skills are on full display here, as Nashville Producer Dave Austin adds that extra “oomph” in co-writing the lyrics. Every song on this album lends itself to a movie scene projected on the screen within your brain. ‘Roses & Tumbleweeds’ is no exception, Manos voice expertly narrating the tale as his alter-ego Ironfist adds expertly placed record scratches that intermingle with the atmospheric twang of the electric guitar. To reiterate, pure genius. ‘Violence’ seems like it’d be at home in a neon-soaked film like Streets Of Fire or a modern western presented with a modern vision. Add in some Carpenteresque synths and you have yourself an instrumental masterpiece. This is an album you can play throughout, and just vibe out to it.


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