Nikki Manos has released a new cinematic single ‘Roses & Tumbleweeds’

Nikki ManosNikki Manos / Publicity photo

LA-based Nikki Manos combines Western cinema with flavors of 1970s country and LoFi techno, and blesses the world with a new song, ‘Roses & Tumbleweeds’, off the upcoming ‘Rebel’s Twilight’ EP.

Nikki Manos music in its essence is a love letter to Westerns by LA-based producer Ironfist, as well as a reflection of the small town where he grew up. He is influenced by western movie themes, blues rock, and techno elements which makes it an intriguing concept. When you listen to this music, it doesn’t sound like multiple styles have been blended together by force, instead, the flow sounds very natural. He wanted the music to sound LoFi and futuristic, and the end product turned out to be just that. Nikki Manos has arrived in your town, bringing his deep voice that will resonate across the streets, luring you in.

Listen to ‘Roses & Tumbleweeds’ on Spotify

It’s always nice to have options, so don’t forget to check out the remixed version as well.

The process of bringing to life what Ironfist envisioned by fusing electronic music with cinematic Western elements started in November 2021. These post-modern western tunes were recorded in the mountains of Southern New Mexico and mixed and Mastered in Los Angeles. ‘Rebel’s Twilight’ EP is going to be released in May, so the fruits of labor are just around the corner. Keep an eye out for updates!

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