Noon Layer Drive release a powerful new EP ‘The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead’

Noon Layer DrivePhoto by Ben Aldis

Noon Layer Drive is a rock band that surely will captivate everyone’s attention with its powerful guitar riffs and appealing melodies. ‘The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead’ EP is a top-notch production with a 90s feel at its core, natural sound, and skillfully composed songs.

London-based Noon Layer Drive have released a new EP ‘The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead’ with five tracks that perfectly encapsulate the band’s early days. It has a very natural feel. We should point out that songs like ‘Family Adams’ and ‘From the Waist Down’ were tracked live with amps and drums in the same room in order to capture a better feel. Surely they did a great job and the recording sounds great.

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The band’s line up is made up of guys who met in school and the local scene in Milton Keynes, UK. Garry Murphy, with his distinctive vocal timbre, is responsible for these songs’ catchiness, followed by Simon Keats, who gives the rock world memorable guitar riffs, Matt Nasir, whose bass guitar makes the entire construction vibrate, and Ben Hallett, who rocks out on the drums. They have toured the UK and Ireland, experienced both good and bad moments on and off the stage, such as a concert ending before it started due to damaged supplied bass drum and car keys snapped in the ignition making them start the van with a pair of pliers for the rest of the tour. That’s just life, things happen but it’s something to remember. So far they have released three EP’s and a live album that every fan of 90s rock will enjoy listening.

The EP was recorded and mixed in Oxford with Steve ‘The Meat’ Watkins, and mastered at the exchange in Camden. ‘The Wheel Is Spinning but the Hamster Is Dead’ is available since April 26, 2022.

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