Not Now Norman Impresses With An Intriguing Juxtaposition OF Melody and Guttural Grit In ‘Save Me’

Not Now Norman - black and white photographyPhoto by Paul Murray Media

Hearing the opening riffs which are some of the grittiest and nastiest that one can hear, you are taken aback when Taylor Mitchell’s commanding voice booms in with a rapturous melody. She instantly grabs your attention and keeps you mesmerized throughout. The energy they lay out with their vicious guitar riffs and pulsating beats are reminiscent of the 80’s metal heyday. Right down to the thrilling guitar solo break set amidst this marvelous soundscape. ‘Save Me’ is an almost prophetic title, as it could be interpreted that they are offering to “save us” from the monotonous offerings from many other bands in their genre.

Whereas the actual meaning behind this masterpiece of song according to Taylor “is about the worries that the current problems of climate change and political conflict are causing. ” upon seeing all the chaos currently ravaging throughout the world, I think it’s safe to say that we all could use a little saving. Thankfully Not Now Norman are here to do just that. At least they are here to give us a respite from it all with their musical talents.

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Not Now Norman has planted their feet in the mass musical landscape’s psyche, and there are refusing to budge. With what they are bringing to the table it’s hard to see why anyone would want them to. What they have to offer is something the musical masses have sorely missed for quite some time. Be thankful that you are around in a time where you have the opportunity to witness this band live. If going by the energy on this track, then one can only imagine what a command performance they would bless an audience with in a live setting. Sign me up as I plan to partake on what they have to offer at the earliest opportunity possible.



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