Oll Ef Creates Beautiful Music Soundscape To Invigorate The Senses In New Album ‘Oceaneater’

Do me a favor. Turn off all the lights in whatever room you are in, light some incense, turn the speakers all the way up and just FEEL ‘Oceaneater’. Allow every note of this masterful musical journey to travel throughout your body as you immerse yourself into the multitude of sounds as you become enraptured in this mesmerizing masterpiece of music crafted by TWO amazing musicians. Two musicians who together have brought with them years of experience, and have injected those very years into the making of this stellar album.

To hold your hand and act as your tour guide throughout the musical landscape created by these two brothers WITHOUT words is a triumphant feat to say the least. To fully engage and capture the listener’s attention with nothing but evocative music not bogged down by words is itself intoxicating. I immersed myself in this album, and through the audible adventure laid out before me, my mind’s eye created the visuals to compliment Oll Ef’s opus. The symphonic magic that they have cemented into the current musical zeitgeist leaves itself to be described as cinematic. At least for me it was.

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I felt as if each track would serve perfectly as a backing sound for an adventure up in lights on the silver screen. I’ve always felt great music does just that. Their amazing usage of instruments throughout this epic album reminded me of one of my favorite musical scores of all time “The Crow”. It’s dark and brooding at times, while it’s electrifying and grandiose in others. All the while though this album is as epic as they come. Let your imagination, ignited by this album, run amok as you come up with a visual tale worthy of this immersive album.

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