Widening The Gap Between The Haves And The Have Nots: Online Ordering Creating A Class Divide

online ordering shoppingPhoto by Victoria Heath

There’s a lot that factors into this thought process. First you have the ever-growing ease of online ordering which allows you to get damn near anything at the push of a button. Then there is the “now” attitude that is permeating amongst the masses. There is instant gratification that immediately follows that. Then there is sedentary lifestyle brought on as an offshoot of the Pandemic. All of these aspects factor into the growing problem, which at one point was brewing under the surface, but is now barreling head on into the public perception.

In the height of the Pandemic people were ordering more food, more groceries, more everything. They had become so reliant on the ease of getting their every want met, that they began to no longer see the men and the women who were risking their lives amidst the Pandemic to serve them as actual people. They began to perceive them as interchangeable automatons. There was a sense of dehumanization brewing in the air, one that only grew thicker as the Pandemic kept powering forward. There was a massive class divide that was growing larger by the day between these two groups of people.

Amazon PrimePhoto by Tony Webster

An Amazon Prime delivery van in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ironically though, the people that had grown reliant on delivery services to take care of all their needs were actually living in a fantasy. They had begun carrying with them an unearned, undeserved, and unwarranted sense of elitism. An attitude that normally would have only been attributed to the upper class. Now you had people who were barely hanging on financially creating these images of being extremely well off. Their affordability to this was provided only through the ease of online ordering. Sadly, even after society has somewhat come out the other side of the Pandemic, people are not reverting to their old ways. They are embracing this online lifestyle full-fledged. Too bad that now society has gained a comfortability with online ordering, that for the most part they have lost basic human decency and manners. Saying thank you never hurt anybody.


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