Oozing With Attitude, Electric High’s Latest Grabs Your Attention And Won’t Let Go ‘Seven Wonders’

Electric HighElectric High / Publicity photo

This is gritty and grimy rock & roll at it’s finest. Positively dripping with sweat and attitude. The energy exuded by Electric High contrasts a bit with the subject matter which I think sets them apart from their contemporaries. I was so hooked on their sound as I could see it fitting in at a roadside dive bar just as I could in a 20,000-seat arena. The contrast comes in when you immerse yourself in their lyrics.

The band tackles some heavy subject matter as they discuss the Seven Wonders and make promises of offering them. The heavy guitar riff that plays throughout compliments the dynamics of the dual singers who both bring differing vocal ranges that compliment one another. In my mind’s eye I could see both singers swaggering about the stage as they grip the audience’s attention. They say in this world that certain bands just “have it”, well Electric High most assuredly falls into that category as I was thoroughly entertained as I immersed myself into their musical output. As a band you want to immediately grab a new listener’s attention from jump, and they’ve done just that.

The dual vocals are expertly performed by PV Staff and Olav Iversen who remind me a bit of The Cult’s Ian Astbury and Buckcherry’s Josh Todd. Not an exact mirroring of vocal output, but more so the attitude that is underlying behind the vocals. Marius Morch’s guitar play is incendiary as it explodes your eardrums with greatness. That play is backed with the expertise of Einride Torvik who lays an underlying bass to compliment all the other parts. Lastly you have Tor Helge Opdahl’s eruptive drum work that drives the song. All these parts have come together to make a classic bada** rock & Roll song that will assuredly get your blood pumping.

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