Our Propaganda Unloads Their Take On Love And The Human Connection With An Anthemic Sounding Production ‘Essential Love’

Our PropagandaPhoto by Louis Stacey

This talented quartet that hails from Britain has birthed into the world a love song that belongs in its own category instead of tossed in with the myriad other “love songs” in that overcrowded subgenre of music. No, ‘Essential Love’ is deserved of its own place in the charts, to be given its own chapter in the big book of love songs throughout history. It’s a truly unique sounding song that takes up space in your mind, and you’re going to need a court order if you think you have a chance of evicting them. On a personal note, I bike miles every day throughout Chicago, and I find myself pleasantly humming the song’s medley. It’s taken up space in my head, and to be honest, I’m not mad at it.

The song’s themes touch upon connections that develop through relationships. That is something we ALL can relate to. Jack Denton explains that “It’s simply about a love for a partner, and how they teach you new things”. Truer words have never been spoken. We all take stock in what we’ve come away with from a relationship. Failed or not. Our Propaganda successfully narrates a story relative to these themes that is expertly crooned by Jack Denton. His voice is powerful with the right tenor to steer this majestic ship called Our Propaganda into our hearts.


If you are a fan of expertly produced music that has the ability to resonate within you, both through substance and subject, long after the speakers have cut off then be sure to go out of your way to give a listen to this amazing band Our Propaganda, and their equally amazing new song ‘Essential Love’. It would be one of your great regrets in life if you pass up on this opportunity. Much like a missed love connection, at the end of your days you’re not going think back and be glad you DIDN’T give ‘Essential Love’ a shot.

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