Owen Coleman releases his new single ‘IF THE WORLD FALLS APART’

Owen ColemanOwen Coleman / Publicity photo

Los Angeles-based indie rock artist Owen Coleman gifts the world with a catchy new single ‘IF THE WORLD FALLS APART’ that will leave you energized with its upbeat rhythm and 80s vibe.

Owen Coleman is a singer and songwriter who only recently started his solo career. Previously he has been a member of other bands including The Midnight Club which went on hiatus, giving him time to create new music and see his future as a solo artist. With his prior bands, he gained experience and a number of noteworthy achievements in the recent years, opening for acts like Cage The Elephant, Young The Giant, and Misterwives.

His newsest track ‘IF THE WORLD FALLS APART’, is about that feeling when you’re in that moment when your life is falling apart, you’re losing everything you love, and that you have to work on yourself to find a new meaning, and give a spark to your life. It’s the first single from the Coleman’s upcoming solo debut album.

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Most people will agree that it’s essential to diversify your interests and include them all into your own creative work, and he does it so beautifully. Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and rock icons from the 1970s and 1980s are some of Owen’s main influences. ‘IF THE WORLD FALLS APART’ has an anthemic chorus, a driving beat, and it combines characteristics of classic rock with modern fashion and attitude. By making the first step with a big bang, the upcoming Owen Coleman’s solo debut album looks extremely promising. Keep an eye out for updates!

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