Phantom State release new album ‘Exist // Evolve’

In music, as well as other languages, there is always a fear to deal with certain topics, especially if they are current. Phantom State’s latest metalcore project ‘Exist // Evolve’, is an album that combines the theme of violence with issues that are difficult to discuss.

There are so many songs that talk about death and violence, often use very quiet, relaxed moods, but Phantom State through their album have thought to do the opposite. Eight tracks to tell the trauma and personal experiences that, as pointed out by vocalist Ben Andrews, can not tell the story of everyone’s experience, but he hopes that it can be a way of empathy and solidarity with these people. In fact, within the lyrics and music, the band strongly wanted a message of hope that caresses the listener in order to make him understand the seriousness of certain actions, but at the same time to suggest that you can recover from your pain.

Phantom StatePhantom State / Publicity photo

All the members of Phantom State agree on one thing—you have to listen to it live. Thanks to the involvement of everyone, both the band and the audience, the message finds its ultimate purpose in the album, which is to connect people, not to make them feel alone in their trauma and pain. We’ll leave you with a statement from vocalist Ben Andrews.

“I needed to draw a line under these topics and wanted to have the opportunity to address the pain and move on. I know that this isn’t the experience for everyone who survives abuse, some situations just don’t end well, and some people are still living that fear every day” – Ben Andrews

With these very lucid words about the birth of Exist // Evolve we suggest you to listen to the latest album of Phantom State to discover a very committed sound related to a theme always important to discuss.



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