Pistols At Dawn Comes Hard With Our Ears And Brains Set In Their Crosshairs ‘Ascension’

When introduced to new music and you find yourself initially engaged. I mean from jump you are drawn in as a devoted listener. You feel a kinship to this new music and are amazed that you’ve never heard anything of the sort prior. As I said though, you are in fact engaged. Now, what if you are mesmerized by every aspect of this band. How do you attribute what the signifying was that initially commanded your attention? In a short answer, you don’t. Just enjoy the ride.

Pistols At Dawn have laid out one hell of a ride for us. From Chris Hodges engaging vocal performance where you can hear the energy and intensity behind every word to the amped up guitar riffs that send shivers down your spine courtesy of Devin White and Tommy Richardson. Then, to round out this fantastic quintet you have the hard-hitting and bombastic bashing of the drums that drive the band by way of Adam Jaffe and the strong bass line that run throughout and is provided by with great skill by Billy Sullivan.

Pistols At Dawn
Photo by Michael Mueller Pistols At Dawn

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Each song holds within it a story as do all songs. Songs that you can connect to thematically like ‘The Truth’ which tackles the inner noise that we all have in our heads and how they could tear us apart. Or the dark love song ‘Fly’ about one’s yearning to escape with their true love. Luckily, we are gifted with visuals for ‘Under The Surface’. This video is beautifully shot as it captures the angst and pressure that boils under the surface for all of us. The video depicts an under the surface situation that explodes into an out-of-control workplace brawl which perfectly complements the energy provided by the song itself.

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