PROVE YOU WRONG release energetic single ‘So It Begins’

Yuma, Arizona-based hard rockers PROVE YOU WRONG are kicking off this year with a massive sounding single called ‘So It Begins’, along with an elegantly animated lyric video.

‘So It Begins’ represents a classic and powerful hard rock sound, with alternative components that multi-instrumentalist Alex Munoz has thoughtfully crafted working alongside with drummer Doug Feasel. If you prefer it raw and dark with some extra muscle, then PROVE YOU WRONG music belongs in your fridge, in your workplace and in your car.

Scull, Prove You WrongProve You Wrong / Publicity photo

This song embraces raw sound in the most positive way, while making this record well-balanced. You’ll hear guitar riffs and solos that lift your spirits, and massive drums. Alex’s voice timbre is deep and wide with a nice ‘overdrive’ as a cherry on top if you will—a perfect fit for hard rock.

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‘So It Begins’ single was recorded at the Fullwell Recording Studio in Pheonix, Arizona. Alex Munoz has his own sound, he knows what he wants, but he wasn’t afraid to be a little spontaneous and let the song guide itself. The end result enables this project to shine, with nothing lacking and the composition sliding flawlessly into place. If you like bands such as Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, and Guns’N’Roses, you’ll definitely want to add PROVE YOU WRONG music to your playlist. Stay tuned, because more music is on the way!

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