QUANTUM release a music video for their latest single ‘DESPERATE(LY)’

QUANTUM is a metal band from Zurich, Switzerland and have recently released their fifth single this year with a music video for metal fans to enjoy.

We live in a world that is always evolving. If something is good, we want it to be even better in order to meet our desires. There’s nothing wrong with that in many cases, but human egoism plays a huge part in the negative side, when some of us think short-term, don’t realize what we’re leaving behind, and don’t look after one another. These are some of the issues explored in their newest release ‘DESPERATE(LY)’.

QUANTUM have a question: Where does this faster, bigger, stronger world lead us to? No one knows that, but everything has capacity and the world is a wave-like movement, like an ocean.

While listening to ‘DESPERATE(LY)’, this melody-rich composition will catch your attention, as you’ll find that it’s not a typical metalcore song—there’s some kind of unique vibe to it. The immense sound of bass guitar and drums kicking your loudspeakers with incredibly well-thought-out guitar riffs will be very satisfying to your ear, as well as the dynamics of the band’s frontman in quieter and louder parts in this song.

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QUANTUM is a vibrant metal band with members that have their own distinct skills, approaches, and influences, yet they’re a fantastic match who can be creative and make music together. In 2020, they came in third at the SPH Music Masters, garnering a lot of favorable feedback, which motivated them to keep working on new songs and made it obvious what type of road they want to take as a band.

“We are a motley crew, which has managed to function. This is precisely what has also happened with our music, it has become versatile, modern while the roots remain distinctive”—Kay Mangold

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