Racism Is Still Here: Time To Lose The Expiration Date On You Caring

Now let’s talk about white people caring about the Black Lives Matter movement and caring about Black people in general. That happened during the Pandemic. That was at the height during the forced quarantine. Call it the cynic in me but I believed even then that most of those white people only feigned to care out of having nothing else to do. It was something to pass the time for them. It was a trend for them to latch onto for the time being. How sad and sickening is that. To make caring about the lives of Black people a trend. I think that’s horrible.

The reason I say this is because trends die. They fade out. They are moved on from, and nobody gives them a second thought. Caring about Black people should never have been a trend. There shouldn’t have been an expiration date on caring for Black people. We, as white people, should have always cared about the well-being of Black people since the beginning. That should have been in our given nature. Sadly though, a vast part of the white population couldn’t have been bothered with what horrible atrocities were being done to the Black community. It didn’t affect them. That is until they were bored due to the Pandemic.

Then they decided to care. Then they felt as if in that microcosm of time they were going to rush into the world, and with an “S” on their chests put an end to racism. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after you felt you had done your duty and opposed racism for a short period of time, racism still exists in the world. It’s apparent every day as it always has been. The only difference is now a whole lot of you have gone back to not caring much like you did prior to the Pandemic. I feel as if I’m beating a dead horse while saying this, but seriously people do better. Be more caring and attentive, and not just when the media cameras are on.

Where’d You go?

A poem by Kevin Epperson

Where’d you go?
Where’s the passion you showed a year ago?
Standing on the front lines fighting for the rights of Black lives,
And other underprivileged communities,
Where’s the unity you swore you’d uphold?
It wasn’t that long ago when you used to care.
You used to swear,
Back and forth and left and right.
That you’d stand and fight with pride.
On the front lines with picket signs.
Standing your ground for Black Lives.
But that was last year when it was in vogue.
When you spit from your throat,
Black Lives Matter, hoping to stay relevant in the zeitgeist.
Now you look wide eyed when taken to task,
Ending systemic racism is something you can no longer be bothered to ask.
Cracks in your façade seems you’ve fathered a mask,
Worn only to portray and convey your flimsy sympathy,
For the underrepresented and oppressed community.
You feel “ending other’s misery no longer is suitingS me.”
Where’s your fire and passion you were passing to attain your ally status?
That is to ask where is the support you showed en masse?
Did it dissipate when you were told caring for Black lives is no longer in vogue,
Now you’re no longer “woke”?
That was just a phase and a trend?
Remember when you used to care about the despair shared by a multitude of folks that don’t look like you?
Were you strained to feign empathy as a way of passing pandemic time.
Must’ve been blind seeing now that you’re not genuine regarding your intentions.
Man, lesson learned.
The underprivileged have been burned time and again,
By halfway friends.
You were lying to them.
I’ll say it again you claimed you’d keep fighting the good fight until the fights won.
That was only round one, and you’ve already tossed in the towel.
Now the thought of a protest barely registers an arousal,
Now you’ll be too busy to join one?
Right son.
Not buying it,
No more hiding it.
You think I’m blind and shit.
Cameras cut off but Black folks still dying and,
Being disregarded and discarded by still employed racist police.
Their brutality is still a disease,
Afflicting a large portion of this nation’s population.
Since you’re not in that equation,
There’s no more waging your station in life.
No more caring about those wearing bodybags and handcuffs,
Man what? I thought you’d forever stand up for others?
Stand up for your brothers?
Put YOUR safety and life on the line before others.
Didn’t know your compassion had an expiration date.
Only a microcosm of time for you to be irate,
About the mistreatment bestowed upon Black and Brown people.
Your transparent appearance should’ve always been see through.
Wish we knew.
Goddamnit what happened?
Now you’re back to having passionless compassion.
Just mashing the “Take Action” tab,
Giving a faceless donation to an app.
That’s as far as you’ll go with your activism act.
Sweet prince just go lay down, it’s time for a nap.
Sleep well knowing you turned caring about Black life into a trend.
Sadly like all trends there is an end.
Friend you’ll just move on to another cause,
Something to sink in your claws.
Bye then, you won’t be missed.
Put away your raised fist and false support,
It’s no longer needed,
You’ve got your credence,
Can tell your grandkids you fought for freedom.
I’m sure your five minutes in it will be exaggerated for those none the wiser.


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