RARE SEED gifts the world with a new album ‘Blue Basin’

After the peak of the pandemic, RARE SEED is here with a brand-new album, ‘Blue Basin’, spreading bluesy, groove-ish, and funk-ish rock and roll from New Orleans to the rest of the world.

The world came to a halt during the pandemic, but Lex Condes continued to make new songs because everything comes and goes, and we shouldn’t just give up when faced with challenges. It also happened after his old band, with whom he was playing, went on hiatus, putting everything in his hands and continuing to work on new music.

This album isn’t only about guitar chords, riffs and licks. Little surprises should always be there in music. When you listen to Blue Basin, you’ll notice ambient atmospheres and sonic effects that attract your attention right away, bringing back your consciousness and wondering what just happened. This is something you’ll hear several times throughout the record.

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While working in the restaurant industry and interacting with some very lonely people, Lex Condes was inspired to write this music. He wants to get a break from the confines of city life and societal expectations. He’s trying to find spirituality and peace of mind by getting out of the game and exploring nature. Well, you can hear that in this record, and I’m sure, many of us share the same sentiments.

The new album comes with a music video for the opening track, ‘The Royal We’, released just recently. This music is full of melancholy that will appeal to your ear in the right moments.

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