Reasons Above All Expertly Multiple Metal Genres In ‘Shattered’ To Form A Refreshing New Sound That’ll Please Audiences

I like to consider myself well versed in music. I ingest multiple genres on a near-daily basis. From rock, to metal, to hip hop and beyond. Having a vast knowledge of music keeps me informed enough that I can carry on a music heavy conversation with most anybody. When I’m introduced to a new band, I’m able to journey back into my mental library to find similar music. With Reason’s Above All I found a struggle. That is not to say that is a bad thing AT ALL. I just found their sound to be so unique that I feel it should be put in a category all their own.

Sure, there are musical stylings with this massively catchy song that sound familiar, but that is just in a broader sense of the word. The lyrics are performed partly through an easily ingested melodic range before veering off into the guttural screams attributed to death metal. It’s a thing of beauty to hear these two stylings work so well together.

Reasons Above AllAustin Denison

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Aaron Aranda’s vocal range is on full display in this beast of a song, and it never fails to amaze. That coupled with his stylish and impressive manipulation of the rhythm guitar will not fail to garner praise. Chris Wentz’s mastery of the bass can be heard throughout this piece as his fingerprints are felt within every note. Richard Aranda’s pace setting and unrelenting battering of the drums is as impressive as any drummer that’s come before him. Also, major praise must be heaped onto lead guitarist Austin Denison’s stylings which help propel this song into the upper stratosphere of metal to keep an ear out for. These four individuals have combined forces to create a unique sound that they can lay claim on and are more than deserving of all our recognition.

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