Red Letter release a brutal new single ‘Burn It Down’

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Buffalo, NY-based alternative metal band Red Letter have released a powerful new single, “Burn It Down” on July 13th, featuring a guest appearance from legendary I, The Breather frontman Shawn Spann.

Red Letter’s highly anticipated debut EP Ghost Chant is just around the corner, and they are gifting the metalcore community with their brand-new single ‘Burn It Down’, a brutal song in power but with a positive message. It’s a song about overcoming difficulties in life and about positive changes both on an individual level and as a society. This is a truly powerful tune with a guitar sound that absolutely positively could weld pieces of metal together. And that is ultimately what Red Letter is about—connecting with people through sound, and through meaningful lyrics everyone can relate to.

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“At the end of the day, we are alone with our thoughts and if they are heavy those are the moments to be reminded that you have the strength to hold them. Nobody wants to feel broken, alone, or hopeless. Sometimes it just happens. Somewhere in the ashes within is a spark ready to ignite your life again, sometimes you just need to rebuild the flame and make it burn brighter next time”, says the lead singer Nick.

With their amazing performance and exceptional songwriting skills, they kick the door open without questions asked. It seems like Red Letter will not participate in the semi-finals, instead they will charge forward, being ready to face whatever obstacles stand in their way. It’s a solid 5-piece metal band with no weak spots in all departments, and will undoubtedly win over crowds with its electric intensity and message.


Daggers (Music Video)

Red Letter will perform live at Buffalo Iron works on July 31st as an opening act for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Attack Attack. Tickets are now available starting at $25 here.

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