London Based Outfit Redhanded Bestows The World Of Rock With An Instant Classic Album ‘Retrograde’

From the opening chords to the impressive introductory track The Circle you become instantly hooked into the sounds pumping out of your speakers. These are sounds that have been masterfully composed by an impressive quarter of musicians hailing from London. Sohail Ajaz produces a vocal display akin to that of Chris Cornell. All components of Redhanded have brought their skills together to thoroughly entertain all listeners with a magnificent album that will fit right into any of their steady rotation of albums.

As the album progresses so does the full display of Redhanded’s musical abilities, which is seemingly limitless. I say that to say just when you think you’ve heard it all before, they continuously surprise and impress with an unexpected musical transition or masterfully produced cut displaying multiple layers of musical goodness. Faizan Baig’s electrifying guitar solo mid ‘Exit’ is an exceptional display of guitar mastery like that of Joe Satriani or Steve Vai. This band almost seems to be an embarrassment of riches as they are fully armed with the crème de la crème of musical abilities. Each track further fortifying that there is literally nothing they can’t do with the sky being the limit for the heights they will reach.

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Saif Malik’s time keeping leadership is on full display throughout this album. He seamlessly transitions through multiple paces as he cements his seat next to stellar drummers of the past. The swounds emanating from this uber-talented quartet are impressively electrifying as they fully display their influences throughout. You hear how they masterfully pepper in bits of classic rock & roll, a dash of melodic blues with a lion’s share of metal. Adil Azim’s bass play throughout this thoroughly impressive album is nothing to be scoffed at as without it you’d have an incomplete masterful work of art. Gift yourself 45 minutes and 46 seconds today and immerse your mind into ‘Retrograde’. Thank me later.

The visualizer for ‘The Circle’ was produced by Roman Lysenko, who is currently in Ukraine. The design process took place during wartime when he had to travel around a lot, moving in and out of shelters. To see more of Roman’s work, check out his Instagram feed.

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