RobinAugust has released an anthem for anger and heartbreak ‘Ghost’

RobinAugustRobinAugust / Publicity photo

RobinAugust, a Nashville-based alt-indie artist is here with a powerful new track, ‘Ghost’, which reflects on the experiences of a past relationship with a 90s feel.

Everyone will always appreciate music that is not polished till there is little left of life. And in this case, RobinAugust’s music and her voice is like a breath of fresh air compared to most music released out there. Her voice has a big character which shouldn’t be taken away by a snobby audio engineer. ‘Ghost’ will elevate your mood and make you enjoy the moment, as well as aid those who are going through a very difficult breakup, therefore without hesitation, hit the play button below.

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RobinAugust already has considerable experience since she started playing music at a young age. At the age of 13, she formed her first band Queens of Noise as the lead guitarist, inspired by the iconic all-female rock band The Runaways from the 1970s. Queens of Noise made some noise in the Nashville community, garnering local recognition and achieving impressive results, essentially paving the way for RobinAugust’s future.

‘Ghost’ was co-produced and recorded at Robin’s backyard in Nashville together with Eric Fritsch, Adam Schatz on saxophone, Steven Bowman playing drums, and Ben Graham on bass. This song is just an insight into the upcoming indie-pop/alternative rock album which will have powerful songs and lyrics with help from Avocado Head. Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign, more than $6000 was raised to support the album, which will enable her new songs to come to life and reach broader audiences.

At the age of 18, RobinAugust is relentless, she’s pursuing her goals, and we will definitely hear from her again with a big bang.

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