Roisin O’Hagan More Than Impresses With Her Engaging And Evocative Storytelling ‘Road From Nevada’

Roisin O'HaganRoisin O'Hagan / Photo by Miguel Camarena

It takes a special type of songwriter to draw you in with engaging lyrics, and a special type of singer to instill within you the truth behind those lyrics. The feeling that they have lived those lyrics. The feeling that you want to live those lyrics. Now when both the singer and songwriter are one and the same, well then, you’ve got magic in a bottle. Consider yourself blessed that you are able to bear witness to this musical piece of magic.

Roisin O’Hagan is that special combination. I felt these lyrics. I felt this song. I wanted to live that life she so eloquently sings about. Being a film lover, I am always trying to place music in scenes that I think would be fitting for them, and this song is no different. I can visualize a weary traveler seeing the world, getting in adventures, and experiencing life. Something we should all yearn for. To experience. To get out there and see what others only read about. That’s the dream and Ms. O’Hagan is clearly living it to its fullest.

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Her storytelling ability is so impressive that it makes sense that her influences include some of the remarkable storytelling musicians of the past like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. One of the most impressive aspects of Ms. O’Hagan is her young age. It almost seems unbelievable that someone so young has had so much life experience already packed in, but she is the embodiment of just that. Growing up in a musical family with her Mother performing and her Father being an avid record collector, she was raised around music. That upbringing informed her life’s direction and there was no turning back. To know exactly what you were going to do at such a young age is an enviable trait we should all be in awe of, and thankful that we are now blessed with her musical output.

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