Rough Grind Releases Fast Paced, Bombastic and Hard-Edged Standout Album ‘HARDENED’

Rough GrindPetri Damstén

Rough Grind’s newest album is aptly titled ‘HARDENED’. That’s seemingly due to the hardened edge the band has acquired through the rough waters of the music industry. You hear the intensity emoted through every lyric, beat and riff. They have brought such a layered masterwork of music to the masses with ‘HARDENED’ that it’s a treat you almost want to keep to yourself while at the same time wanting to share it with the world. This album is a beautiful mixture of classic rock & roll mixed with sleazy energy akin to Motorhead. Their explosive energy is plastered across this album like a Pollack painting.

The credo Rough Grind attests to is one that revolves around having real toughness. Being imbued with courage, and the guts needed to march to the beat of your drum. This newest album adheres to those very tenets. They have laid out their own tracks, and are barreling down them at a high speed with anthemic intensity guaranteed to raise the heart rate. This is music you can see yourself blasting as you speed down an open highway with the top down.

Rough Grind photosPetri Damstén

This album is constructed meticulously with every song placed perfectly in it’s track list. Opening with ‘Dreamchaser’, they grab you with a song filled with inspiring and evocative lyrics about going for it without failure. To chase your dreams at all costs. Follow that up with ‘Road Song’, and you know your adventure has just begun. There’s no way that a person can come away from this powerful album without being overtaken with a swell of drive and inspiration. Each song pushes the narrative further of a band’s journey to make it. At least that’s my interpretation of this standout album. It’s capped off with the captivating and appropriately titled ‘Last Thing You’ll Ever Hear’ signifying the journey’s end. All in all this is a trip definitely worth going on. Thank me later.


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