Powerful and Intense Track Ignites Route 500 ‘Not Today’

Route 500Photo by Carlos Garcia

Allow me to paint the picture or set the scene if you will. You are in a darkened theater, the smell of sweat mixed with the sulfur-tinged smoke machine stench stings as it permeates your nostrils. The house lights spot throughout the crowd yet land on one lone woman dressed in black, who is swaying about as she is seemingly entranced by the sounds emanating from the sound system. On the stage, the source of the sounds Route 500 captivates the audience with their magnificent song ‘Not Today’. When I close my eyes my mind’s eye opens up and that is the image that it conjures.

That is a true testament of a song’s credibility. To be able to inject that amount of inspiration into its listeners is a thing of beauty that one should admire. I pride myself on having a creative mind, but it takes the incomparable source material that is ‘Not Today’ to instill me with the inspiration to conjure up those images. I felt as if I were being transported back to a 90’s club like Medusa’s or Neo (two memorable clubs in Chicago).

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The standout independent project that is Route 500 is one to behold. To immerse yourself into the world they are weaving before you. The concepts behind ‘Not Today’ are ones to take into great consideration off the bat. Their bio reads that ‘Not Today’ lives in the moments you don’t want to engage with the world, creating any menial distraction to steer clear of your own mind’. We’ve all been there. Where we find more solace in the quiet moments by ourselves as opposed to the uneasy chaos that comes in a crowd. Almost in a blatant juxtaposition to the rest of the song, the final minute builds to an amazing crescendo to end the song in an epic fashion.

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