Royal Albert Hall, Nick Drake & The Lure Of The Live Performance: A Conversation With JJ Smith

There is something to be said about meeting an artist that you’ve only “known” through listening to their music, or watching their movies etc. Once you do, they are no longer an intangible entity. They are now three dimensional and you can start to establish a deeper connection with them. You are able to understand them on a deeper level as you are now granted the opportunity to peek behind the curtain. You get first-hand knowledge on what makes the artist tick. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

I had the great pleasure of getting to sit down with one such artist who I only had the privilege of listening to their music prior. Meeting JJ Smith AND getting to see him perform live was a special experience. My wife and I were both mesmerized at his ability to command the space he’s performing at. It was a small intimate setting, but I could clearly see him adapting his indelible stage presence to a large-scale venue. He even spoke of his ambition to perform one day at Royal Albert Hall. I believe this young man has the skill, drive and focus to accomplish just that. He informed us that he’s even booked to perform in London. That’s one step closer on his musical journey.

It was so invigorating to chat with this talented man and find out his background. His love for music and a deeper look at his inspirations. His other passions such as acting. You see, learning all these extra pieces about JJ Smith just helps to paint a bigger picture of him with a broader stroke. It adds more gravitas to his songs as you now have gotten to know the man behind the music. In short, JJ Smith is an amazing talent that you’d be best to check out now for if you wait too long you might find out the Royal Albert Hall is sold out for his performance.

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