Royal Preference’s Vadim Tarasov Fortifies His Place Within Rock’s Landscape

Royal PreferenceRoyal Preference / Publicity photo

If your ears are yearning for the invigorating sounds that emanate from a guitar that is masterfully being strummed by a musical maestro, then they are in for a unparalleled treat with ‘The Way Of Kings’. A song so beautifully composed by Vadim Tarasov, that one almost feels they might be unworthy of hearing it.

Tarasov expertly dances his fingers across the strings which gives way to a symphony of beautiful chords to please even the most cynical of music listeners. He caresses the guitar in such a way, that the sounds emanating from it cause the mind to recall such legends as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Eddie Van Halen. Tarasov is more than worthy of ranking amidst the elite class of guitar players.

Royal PreferenceRoyal Preference / Publicity photo

It has long been said that an expert guitar player caresses his instrument with the same amount of care that one would treat their lover with. If that is the case, then Tarasov is most definitely a Casanova. He manipulates the guitar in such a way that it almost feels unfair to the rest of the guitar playing world. It’s a true testament of a stand out instrumental when it captures the attention without being bogged down by lyrics. No, Tarasov’s guitar work here is so captivating that it not only takes center stage, but it deserves the spotlight as it brings the energy one would attribute to a packed stadium. I recall in the late 90’s Andrew Dice Clay was capable of selling out Madison Square Garden when it was just him and a microphone. Well, that same sort of prestige and respect should be bestowed upon Tarsov and his guitar playing ‘The Way Of Kings’.


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