Ruiz! Is Proof Positive That All It Takes Is One Man To Make A Musical Impact ‘One Rule’

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Art has long been a way of expressing oneself. A way to make your voice be heard amidst all the excessive noise in the world. A way to put your feelings out there for all to see and hear. Well, Ruiz! Has done just that in spades. In fact, he has taken the ball and run with it as he should. He has gifted the listening world with a unique and engaging soundscape that has spawned solely from his mind. He has done so as a way of getting his message regarding narcissists, corrupt leaders, and governments.

This infectious song was crafted by Ruiz! During the height of the Pandemic. A time when we were all given an abundance of free time to think due to lockdown. This is where Ruiz! allowed his mind to wander and contemplate all that was wrong in the world. From the government’s mishandling of the Pandemic to their general mistreatment of people throughout the world. In his own words Ruiz! says this song is “inspired by Boris’(Yeltsin) behavior during lockdown”. This song is “a middle finger to the (aforementioned) narcissists, corrupt leaders, and governments.”

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People express their angst over such subjects in different ways, and Ruiz! has done so with this song amazingly. Musically he has generated a soundscape that engrosses and captures audiences. It’s a beautiful blending of multiple genres that crescendos into a magical mixture. It’s a majestic hybrid of 60’s rock & roll with a dose of electronica, and a bit of pop, punk, and psychedelia to boot. It takes a special kind of talent to blend all these styles together and make something that’s easy to digest. Ruiz! just happens to be THAT talented. I mean the man created this amidst lockdown armed only with his own ingenuity, a laptop and instruments. That’s something to stand up and applaud for.

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