SALT has released their latest album ‘Cellophane’ on digital platforms

saltPhoto by Liz Tainsh

Salt is a crystalline compound that is used especially to season or preserve food. Well, if music is food for the soul, then the flavorful songs of post punk band SALT definitely season the music that preserves the soul.

SALT came into the music world as an alternative rock band. Drawing from a blend of eclectic influences such as The Who, Sparks, and Ennio Morricone, SALT has produced over 50 songs in the past 4 years. Written by band members Sharon Woods, Robin Woods, Simon Kettles, and James King, these songs are based on their own personal experiences and come from the heart.

SaltPhoto by Liz Tainsh

SALT’s latest work Cellophane, a vinyl album released by HX Records and recorded in Edinburgh, compiles previously recorded material and offers a blend of the band’s various songs written by the band members. But even with the variations, all songs maintain a common element: each is deeply emotional. Created during the COVID-19 lockdown, Cellophane captures the intensely charged atmosphere surrounding each band member’s life. Their fans would find the music relatable because they too may have suffered through the pandemic with similar feelings of fear and confusion.

Listen to ‘Cellophane’ on Spotify

Amongst their many gigs, SALT has supported Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose McDowall, played on Limbic TV on numerous occasions, and released another album on Spotify. A fantastic collaboration occurred between SALT and Dylan Mars Greenberg, a world famous NYC video director, who created Under the Charts, a documentary film that promoted Cellophane and SALT using innovative technology even as they practiced social distancing because of COVID-19.

SALT’s desire to produce meaningful work that is full of emotion and heart will undoubtedly continue to bring new fans to their base. In the long run, the listener must decide whether they find SALT’s music too salty or perfectly seasoned.

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