Scathing Social Commentary By Way Of Punk Rock Aesthetic, ‘ALGORITHMS’ by SINS

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Art has always been such a beautiful way to get your viewpoint out into the world. Especially when it comes to you saying your piece in regard to the latest happenings in politics and society. It’s a way for you to preach without sounding too preachy. By addressing issues in your artistic medium of choice you are making your message much more palatable to those who might otherwise turn a blind eye to your wisdom. SINS has crafted some stylistic and entertaining music while still injecting to heavier concepts into the lyrics.

According to Aaron Evans the band’s lead guitarist, this band was born from the idea that the digital world most people are willingly going along for the ride on is in fact destroying society. “Constantly censoring and determining what content we see, the news we read, what we buy, who we relate to, the politicians we vote for.” I whole heartedly back his sentiments. I’ve long felt people are too guided by the devices in their hands. Allowing Rotten Tomatoes to choose what movies they watch, and ratings/reviews decide everything from the food we consume to where we go for entertainment. People are no longer making up their own minds even though they’d have you believe otherwise. Instead, their minds are made up by the said algorithms.

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This band is gnarly with a capital G. Already punching us between the eyes with the impactful lyrics, but also gripping us with over-the-top guitar solos, and thunderous drums. This is cathartic music for anyone who feels angsty about the downwards direction society is heading in.  This quartet of talented musicians have put together some music that you’ll initially be entertained by but will stick with you long after you turn it off as the lyrics will resonate with you. Kudos to The SINS for putting ‘ALGORITHMS’ together.



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