Shadowbanned release new album ‘Shadow Sides’ featuring the lead singer and lyricist Adam Divine

Shadowbanned is a great alternative to mainstream pop. You’ll simply love the melodies and vibes this music brings you, as well as how it brightens any environment. It’s poetic, nostalgic, spiritual, and it delves into the unknown with a wide impact for our souls to connect.

It’s summertime and the living is easy. The latest album by Shadowbanned seems to fit perfectly these sunny days, making you take it slow, day by day. The pandemic’s height appears to have passed now, but during lockdown, however, people badly needed any form of human connection, and that’s when singer and lyricist Adam Divine and producer/songwriter Shadowbanned began collaborating. It’s hard for artists to keep the lid on the jar for too long, they need to let out what’s been burning inside. Because there wasn’t much else to do, many musicians began working together. It would be foolish not to make the most of this “opportunity” and come up with something creative, something original, and that is exactly what Shadowbanned and Adam Divine accomplished.

 Adam DivineShadowbanned / Publicity photo

Listen to ‘Shadow Sides’ on Bandcamp

A new version of the Police classic ‘So Lonely’ served as the project’s launchpad. In addition to looking inside himself for inspiration, Adam Divine also looked to the stars for direction, which is how the opening song ‘North Star’ came to life. Adam is also a traveler and walker between the realms of anatomy and healing, and has been creating music for 25 years, fusing traditional music with rock, mantras and mystical poetry. The man behind Shadowbanned is Chris Sizemore, a native of Nashville, now living in Manchester, United Kingdom. He’s a producer and songwriter working together with numerous singers and artists from around the world. Previously he played multiple instruments and served as producer for the Brooklyn-based dream-pop band Folksongs For The Afterlife.

I have no doubt that many of us will connect with Shadowbanned’s music and its purpose, and we should keep an eye out for updates for what’s more to come.

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