Shady Oaks Forges Ahead With A Bluesy And Grimy Rock Song That Oozes With An Intentionally Lethargic & Anthemic Feel ‘Numb’

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Shady Oaks has knocked it out of the park with ‘Numb’. For a band that is trying to fortify their place in the musical landscape and make a name for themselves, well this is most assuredly the way to do it. Their sound is the pitch perfect mixture of rock and roll infused with blues. “Numb’ lives up to the word, as it starts out with a laid-back feel that lulls listeners into a sense of calm before amping up the intensity and energy with gnarly guitar riffs.

I was more than pleased when I was first introduced to Shady Oaks’ style and sound. They, I feel, epitomize a band that would find a comfort zone either in a roadside dive bar or commanding the stage in a 30,000 seat stadium. I feel the price of admission for either venue would be worth it with these guys. Upon first listen I found myself immediately engrossed. I, being a visual person, pictured myself sitting at a shady bar with a frosty pint in front of me as I watched Shady Oaks take the makeshift stage, and steal the bar patron’s attention away from their conversations and drinks as they are glued to their performance.

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Ty Gallaway not only brings some more than impressive vocals and lead guitar play, but also has allowed his tumultuous love life to be the basis for ‘Numb’. That takes a lot to bare one’s soul within their art, and Mr. Gallaway has done a magnificent job of it. While his voice is top notch, he did the wise move, and brought in Loren Dorland with additional vocals, who has added that extra “oomph” to the band’s sound. Brendan Lamb’s Bass play is on par with a slew of great bassists of the past, and Isaac Vance’s added guitar and vocals help round out the band’s magnificent sound while Jonah Samp’s impressiveness with the drums keeps pace for this standout song.

Photo credits: Chris Carboni, Dan Hemmingway

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