Industrial Metal Collective SICK JOKES Release ‘The Great Hereafter’ EP

Sick JokesPhoto by Scott Freeman (@ogscottfree)

Sick Jokes is a global music collective producing industrial metal, the perfect apocalyptic soundtrack. Their latest EP, ‘The Great Hereafter’, features heavy guitars, groovy rhythms, and harsh mechanical sounds that will thrill any fan of heavy industrial music.

Once you hit the play button, the opening track ‘The Great Hereafter’ will give you lots of cool grooves, smashing double bass drum, ripping guitars, and Sean screaming at the top of his lungs. You can feel the rage is genuine, and it has to be. It works best when style and performance meets the meaning, and intent. The most melodic piece on this EP will be a cover song ‘Lunatic Fringe’, originally written by Red Rider. Plasmic’s beautiful, angelic voice, with some nice rough edges when needed, complements the aggressive side of this music so beautifully that many people will listen to it again and again.

Listen to ‘The Great Hereafter’ EP on Spotify

These great industrial metal tracks were produced and engineered by John Fryer, with extra remixes by Chiasm for ‘This Is The End’ and EXT EST for ‘The Great Hereafter’. With tons of new songs released independently around the world, this is a high level production that will surely attract attention, respect, and recognition.


“Pop Goes The Vessel”

‘The Great Hereafter’ EP is available for streaming and downloading since April 22, 2022.

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