SickWalt Expertly Meshes Good Old Rock & Roll With A Heaping Helping Of Punk Rock With Their Newest Release ‘Oh Weh Ha’

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I personally love when a song impacts from the first notes of it. It’s a testament to the song, and the artist behind it, when you find yourself immediately transported to a faraway place due to it. ‘Oh Weh Ha’ is no exception. From the opening chords I felt as if I was on a sun-drenched beach in Venice awaiting the start of a skate competition. In my mind’s eye I saw the ramps being built, the skaters preparing, and the drunk and rowdy crowd cheering on the competitors. Now maybe these images crept into my psyche due to the cover art, or because I listened to a healthy amount of punk music during my skateboarding youth. Whatever the case, I thoroughly enjoyed this release from SickWalt. I knew going into this endeavor that I’d vibe with it seeing as I was already a big fan of Murphy’s Law and Sick Of It All (SickWalt’s co-founder Max Capshaw’s former bands).

I heard all those influences imprinted on this track. SickWalt brings an energy that can’t be described as anything other than “unapologetic and high energy”. This is intensity at it’s finest. It invigorates you with it’s pulsating drums that build from a low and calming pace that slowly builds to an uproarious crescendo as the pace picks and sticks with high speed for the remainder of this fantastic piece of music. Max Capshaw’s deep voice is entrancing and reminds you of Clutch’s Neill Fallon and The Cult’s Ian Astbury. His voice is pitch perfect, and adds a gravitas to this immensely pleasing track.


The zenith of ‘Oh Weh Ha’ is an interesting one to say the least. It comes from SickWalt as its own spiritual language. Their own personal mantra as a way of celebrating one another. Or to sing the praises of all who are brave enough to create in this world. Giving them the praise to keep doing what they’re doing and keep creating. This is an inspirational song masked in a beautiful mash up of punk rock and rock & roll.

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