Signs of Tranquility’s debut self-titled album pleasingly mashes up multiple genres to create a beautifully euphoric soundscape

Signs of TranquilityPhoto by KMiller Photography

Ingesting this album from the first note to the last is a deep dive into a bevy of emotions. I felt this album deep in my bones as I felt harkened back to past musical experiences I had. As if this group knew how to cherry pick from their musical influences, swallow them whole, and then regurgitate a new sound. One that is unique to them. You can hear where their influences reside within their music, but that’s as far as it goes. From there on out you are taken on a musical journey that is uniquely attributed to Signs Of Tranquility.

My entire being was pulled in a myriad of directions as I took in this masterpiece of an album. This is an album crafted with such precision by a melodic metal band that are more than worthy of your undivided attention. Kaylie Haynes mesmerizing vocals work sinuously through your ears as they invade your mind overtaking everything else. Suffice to say her voice is infectious and enchanting. Kevin Shaw’s energetic and electrifying guitar riffs seem to have been ripped straight from a hardcore metal band, and brought into this musical melding where they truly feel at home.

Signs of TranquilityPhoto by KMiller Photography

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The world should rejoice that this album has been bestowed upon us for our listening pleasure. This musical output has something for EVERYONE. Even the most finicky of musical purists will find themselves sated with this 11 track triumph. From the opening EDM infused track ‘All Against Me’, which is guided by Haynes’ hypnotic vocals, and complimented by Shaw’s grimy riffs, to the more dulcet sounding ‘Savior’ and finishing up with the eruptive ‘Alive And Well’ this album has literally covered all the bases. My advice to you is give this album a thorough listen ASAP, or you’ll regret it later.

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