Snap Border present a music video for “Evil-tions”

Snap Border has released a video for the song “Evil-tions” from the “Icons” EP, featuring Maxime Keller and collaborating with director Margaux Poinsot. It’s a journey through a mystical and dark atmosphere that immerses us in our own battles with our inner demon.

Alternative rock is always a genre that audiences love, even those who are far from certain atmospheres. Snap Border are exactly part of this world, because even if in their sound there are all a series of features that could build a barrier between those who like one genre and another, in fact all their songs are particularly singable.

Let’s take some examples, if some people aren’t into metal, it’s because there are actually elements, stylistic elements, that are very specific and don’t appeal because haters often call that music noise, with alternative rock this doesn’t happen. Snap Border like many other bands can take you to different dimensions, from the more relaxed to the more lively—a very sweet mix between alternative rock and metal. If you are interested in this style of music, then Snap Border is for you.

Snap BorderSnap Border / Publicity photo

Their first album “Alternative Current Box” was released in 2016 and has great reviews from critics. Thanks to this success Snap Border will find themselves sharing stages with other important bands such as Tagada Jones, Mass Hysteria, Alestorm, Ugly Kid Joe, Lacuna Coil. There is no shortage of festivals as well: the War of Sound or East Summer Fest. The band is back in the studio (FH STUDIO) in March and June 2020 to record its next EP ” ICONS ” with Anthony Chognard of CHS prod. The release is scheduled for December 2020.

This EP includes 5 tracks including “Endscape” first video single released in November 2019 (directed by OUTLAWS PRODUCTION) and “Newsfeed Icons” released in September 2020 (directed by BRICE HINCKER). Speaking of collaborations, Snap Border has been advised by Mat Welsh of UK metalcore band While She Sleeps to modernize the band’s visuals. Snap Border are waiting for you, give their great sound a chance.


and see 5 Questions with Olivier Siedlecky below.

5 Questions with Olivier Siedlecky - Snap Border - RED Rock Magazine

Do you listen to other people’s advice, or do you prefer figuring things out yourself?

Olivier: “Both hahaha, it really depends on who is doing the reviews and what is in them. The truth is, sometimes it’s good to listen to those who have more experience than us… but it’s also important to know what we want to do with the band and to stick to the course we have defined together!”

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

Olivier: “I was chased by a giant monkey like the ones from Dragon Ball and… I tried to leave the dream by pressing the “escape” key like in a video game while running away…:)”

What was the defining moment in your life that made you a rock musician?

Olivier: “When I met my guitar teacher, a completely crazy and passionate person at the same time… he transmitted to me both the passion of rock, but also the desire to have fun to create a band with freaks who would become my friends! Seeing Iron Maiden play a great live show in Paris Bercy was also a real trigger!”

What always makes you laugh?

Olivier: “When I see the other members of the band having a fucking great time on stage smiling like children! It’s such a positive energy that it’s transmitted from one to the other!”

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

– Love
– Heavy Fucking bangers music
– Good meals
– My dear friends
– Movies and Video games

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