Society of Beggars Newest Song & Music Video Are Simply Oozing With Glorious Atmosphere ‘Lick’

The crisp black & white visuals accentuate the moody atmosphere Society of Beggars have laid out amidst there intense lyrics. The soundscape backing the narrative of the song grips you as an audience member and refuses to let go. Its an experience chock full of intensity as you feel the full gravitas of the experiences lying behind the cultivation of this captivating song. It has a weightiness to it that would fit superbly in the third act of an intense cinematic masterpiece. It’s only fitting that they have crafted a visually beautiful music video to accompany this Opus of a song.

Vocally the range is akin to that of Donovan or Leonard Cohen. The intensity behind it lends itself masterfully to the poetic storytelling of the lyrics. Bridget Mackey did a wonderous job crafting a intensely beautiful music video to accompany the song. It’s superbly photographed and edited on par with wide released theatrical experiences. ‘Lick’ and its video seemingly are the perfect marriage of genius music coupled with genius visuals. This is a band that demands and deserves all the attention and admiration that it can get.

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The structure of the song gets your blood rising as the thunderous drums raise in pitch behind the lyrics raising the levels of intensity. Add in the kinetically charged guitars and spine chillingly beautiful piano, and you have yourself a masterpiece. Its not often that I hear a new song that immediately gets my mind racing with inspiration, but this is that song. I watched and rewatched the video as I listened numerous times to the song, and hell, I wanted to go out and film a beautifully epic movie. Then I thought to myself that Society of Beggars has already done just that. I look forward to what comes next for them, as I’m already on board with their music and their visuals. Bravo, here are your flowers!

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