Songs For Sabotage Prepares To Yet Again Amaze Fans With New Single/Video ‘Rumors’

Here’s a bit of advice for fans of Songs For Sabotage, and the musical stylings they bring to the table. Hold on to your hats, for it might get blown off with their newest release ‘Rumors’, as well as it’s stylish music video expertly directed by Chelsea Lupkin. The video was shot in SFS’s neighborhood giving its visuals a warm and organic feel. They made the aesthetically pleasing choice of intercutting black and white footage, which gives the audience the feeling that they are getting a glimpse into SFS’s creative process of composing and rehearsing ‘Rumors’ amongst friends, along with warm and colorful footage showing Lina Sophie exploring the neighborhood.

If you know of Songs For Sabotage, then it’s safe to assume you know what you are getting into with their music. Prepare your ears for more of the beautiful and melodic vocal stylings Lina Sophie accompanied with the moody and atmospheric guitar from Richey Rose. Sophie’s vocal stylings are reminiscent of 90’s stalwarts like Shirley Manson or Annette Zilinskas, which should be considered a compliment of the highest order. Rose’s entrancing guitar brings back fond memories of The Cure showing this band has high regards for whom they draw inspiration from while stamping their own place in music.

Musically SFS has brought more of the sound they are known for, while stretching out their experimental fingertips, and incorporating 808 bass, trap hats and percussions showing that they are a band that is not afraid to grow as opposed to staying stagnant.

The pandemic social restrictions gave the band ample time to dedicate to that very experimentation, and it shows. Post-pandemic they were able to perform ‘Rumors’ live where they got a tremendous response.


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