Sonomancer releases a spectacular and trippy composition ‘Dreamscapes’

Melbourne, Australia-based Sonomancer takes you by the hand and guides you through a surreal journey in ‘Dreamscapes’, letting experience the true power of sound and evoking an environment that makes a lasting effect on your mind.

Sonomancer’s latest single ‘Dreamscapes’ embodies swings through different moods. It initially gives the impression that you are taking an easy walk in a paradise-like environment but then what follows are these huge, super low bass vibrations creating a groove slowly swinging from one note to another, teleporting you some place else. It’s hard to resist shaking your head, and to lose yourself in this trippy musical universe.

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The color palette of ‘Dreamscapes’ is certainly unusual, yet it’s also nothing that an average listener couldn’t swallow. Every part of the song, down to the smallest detail contributes significantly to the song’s addictive nature. It features outstanding drum work by Francy Karema and Joao Corceiro adding a beautiful guitar line at the end of the song.

If music is unable to speak, Sonomancer knows how to make it tell a story without words. It is undoubtedly the excellent soundtrack for the right film, but it is also the perfect soundtrack for everyday life.

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