Unabashed And Chocked Full Of Balls Sound & Shape Erupts Inside Your Ears ‘Disaster Medicine’

Sound & ShapePhoto by Brian Savage

Wow…that seems to be the most apropos word to describe the stellar album released by Sound & Shape, just wow. Here you have an album that ticks all the boxes one could want in an unflinchingly rock & roll album. They have it all included to please the listening masses. From the thunderous drums to the melodic vocals, to the low toned rumble of the bass, and lastly with the stupendous guitar licks. The guitar solos by Ryan Caudle sends chills up one’s spine as they recall great rock albums from a bygone time.

Ryan Caudle’s lyrics are so enchanting and mesmerizing that they can be thought of as escapism. When you immerse yourself in a new band and their sound, you lose yourself in your own mind as it travels the musical landscape that’s been laid out before you. With this album you are escaping into Sound & Shape’s world. Being led through the musical trenches by Caudle’s inspiring lyrics, Proctor’s emphatic drums and Pat Lowry’s masterful bass play. This is what I’d like to call an event album. It kicks in with the bombastic Filament & Spark, and moves forward with unrelenting pace all the way through to the slow building crescendo of How The Light Gets In.

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This album was such a pleasure to experience that one can only assume it was as much a pleasure to craft. All the necessary parts have converged to creating a standout work of art. One that can most assuredly stand the test of time. One that includes so many layers of meticulously pieced together sounds that you’ll find yourself overwrought with emotion. From the aforementioned guitar, bass and drums, but also the expert use of synths and orchestral strings adding much gravitas to the piece.

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