Spencer Elliott drops a fantastic new album ‘SE3’

West Virginia-based artist Spencer Elliott takes you on a musical journey with his new album ‘SE3’ and instantly grabs your attention with its unique sound and vibe.

Spencer Elliott’s music has a unique quality that sets it apart from the rest. He’s not only a masterful guitarist, but he also shows how big an acoustic sound can be with ‘SE3’. Throughout this album you’ll hear a knife-sharp performance with acoustic guitar that’s super clean-sounding and tasty. To achieve this vivid sound he’s joined by Sean Sydnor on bass guitar and Chris Hudson playing drums. These instrumental compositions have in some form or another this metal attitude. There are a lot of great grooves, soulful harmonies, and melodies that will speak to you, the listener.

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Elliott is a true composer who uses elements of progressive rock, funk, and metal to explore the unknown and push the boundaries. He has certainly achieved the goal that many musicians strive for—creating his own original. It’s not just cut-and-paste known material with multiple genres mixed together. This is one of those albums you want to share with a friend because you’re certain it will surprise people or at least make people stop and listen.

Spencer ElliottSpencer Elliott / Publicity photo

‘SE3’ is the fourth release by Spencer Elliott via CandyRat Records available since April 8, 2022. There’s also a music video on YouTube with these talented musicians performing ‘Joystick’, a track from this hell of an album. Check it out and keep an out for updates on social media.

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