Rock Trio Strange Company Is Ready To Rattle The Music Industry With Their Stylings ‘Hivemind’

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The first frenetic chords from Owen Weston’s guitar sets an intense pace to let the audience know that they are in for a treat as Charlie Porter’s thumping of the drums keeps this musical train charging steadily forward. You want to grab on to something as the trip is about to get bumpy and erratic in a good way. Once Matt Davies lyrics kick in you feel as if it’s information overload. Your mind tries to grapple with Davies’ vocal range, but it’s almost overwhelming that a voice can move seamlessly through different speeds amidst the same song. He’s a truly talented singer. Hell, the group is a truly talented group.

According to the band most of this magnificent track’s instrumentation was recorded at Owen’s house prior to heading into a studio for mixing and mastering. That much is evident upon listening to this song. That technique adds the raw authenticity a song like this demands. It appeals to the DIY nature of the song and the band. I’m a firm believer that the best things in life come from something natural and organic. Well, Strange Company is proof positive of that, and ‘Hivemind’ could almost be seen as there anthemic battle cry.

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Adversity forces one to be creative and think outside the box. Well, with the Pandemic enforced lockdown looming overhead, Strange Company used that time to allow their collective creativity to absolutely soar. Their shared love of the music they were creating coupled with the lyrics they were writing ended up growing into a full-fledged album (due out in the Autumn). Once restrictions were lifted, and they were able to come together their creativity grew tenfold. ‘Hivemind’ is an absolute banger of a song. It’s eruptive and hard-hitting with, dare I say’ a tinge of angst interwoven into it due to being locked down. Now they are unleashed and ready to spread their music to the masses. Look out world!

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