Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Only Further Fortifies How Little The “Haves” Care About The “Have Nots”

student loan debt forgiveness

Why not just work harder? Why not earn your own way? Why are you not thriving like I am? Are you just lazy? I’m a self-made man/woman, and I paved my own way. These are all questions and sentiments by the “leaders” of the free world. There’s a lot to unpack in that statement. First, let’s look at how “self-made” some of these people are.

First, you take a person like Trump, who claimed to build his empire with his own with his own ingenuity. Of course, that’s not counting the $60.7 million his father loaned him to get his business started. Sounds really self-made. Or let’s look at the “founders” of the United States. They stole land from the Native American original inhabitants and decimated their numbers by giving them diseases and outright murdering them. Also, don’t forget that they stole Africans from their homeland and forced them into slavery in order to build this country.  There is a long and storied history of people who used others to attain great wealth and held onto their wealth by holding those same people down.

Enter the student loan debt forgiveness debate. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like there is much to debate. I mean, its people getting a pittance of their student loans forgiven, while being crippled by the lion’s share. People are up in arms about it though. The people in question? You got it, it’s the “haves”. They have their panties in a bunch over the “have nots” getting even an inch further in life’s race. Now these are the same people that did not bat an eye when they had their monstrous PPP loans forgiven. That didn’t bother them one bit. Why would they balk at the idea of having THEIR debts forgiven? That’d be ludicrous.

This current debate is just the latest in line of tactics the upper crust has used to decry those that they feel are less-than. I feel I also need to point out that I feel it’s a strategy by the U.S. government to pull a bait and switch. I mean the one thing people are always inquiring about is free education and universal health care. Two things that are offered in numerous countries throughout the world. Just not in the land of the free. So, I think a way to calm people down is to dangle this little carrot that seems larger than it really is. Is a strategy long been utilized by the ruling class and it continues to work wonders. So, I know the title to this article implied I’d only be talking about the student loan forgiveness debate, but sadly that is just scratching the surface of the problems occurring in the US. This topic is just further representing the massive class and wealth divide in this country.


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