Sub:Om Unveils Cinematic And Stylistic Album That Does Not Fail To Impress ‘Back To The Source’

Through some research I was doing prior to writing this article I found that Sub:Om considers themselves a visual group as much as they do an audible one. It shows throughout the entirety of this amazing album. I’ve stated before in previous articles that I’ve written that I too am a visual person who is constantly constructing scenes to compliment musical pieces I hear. Well, this album is no exception as I personally feel it is extremely cinematic.

This output by Sub:Om will most assuredly appease those fans that are yearning for the glory days of 80’s New Wave as this group has a sound similar to that of Depeche Mode or The Cure. Now don’t get it confused, when I say their sound is similar, I am just stating that you can hear hints of their inspirations peppered in throughout the album, but that is where the similarities end. Make no mistake though, Sub:Om brings a uniquely original sound to the electronica and industrial rock landscape. ‘Back To The Source’ is a stellar album that fully engrosses it’s listeners into the world of musical soundscapes they are creating.

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Reading up on Sub:Om it is clear that they are an extremely thought provoking band that his put meticulous time and effort into the crafting and cultivation of this album. Incorporating an ample amount of heavy subject matters like depression, connecting yourself to something that is deeper and transcendent, and being connected to the universe. As I said they delve into a great bit of heavy subject matter. You want a band like this your life though. One that entertains while creating thought provoking masterpieces. Lead singer Vex’s vocals are in way something to balk it, they are immensely enthralling while Skylarj displays his multi-talented skills with the guitar and bass as he lays down the melodies. Lastly, Evan performs with emphatic and bombastic energy behind the drums. This triumvirate of musicians have crafted a masterwork that you should definitely check out.

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