Superbloom release their fifth single ‘Smile’

SuperbloomPhoto by Tom Green

UK based indie alternative rock band Superbloom, featuring the talents of Robert James and Sam Lidington, made an outstanding delivery with their latest work Smile. Released on April 8, 2022, Smile is the band’s fifth single and it happens to be their toughest track yet. Despite the launch happening in the midst of a pandemic, Superbloom has proven their exceptional talent with Smile.

According to James, Smile is “the most technical track” they have ever written. It is also one of the first songs James and Lidington wrote together for the band. Influenced by the rock music of the 90s, the duo, with the help of Thomas Mitchener of Broadfields Studio, have used a combination of instruments and chorus effects to make Smile unique but still maintain the hard rock sound that resembles the music of famous bands such as Soundgarden and Nothing But Thieves. Technicality aside, perhaps the most important thing about Smile is not the sound but the meaning behind the song.

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Produced during the raging COVID-19 pandemic, Smile begs us to reflect upon life and where we are in life. It pushes us to drop all addictions to our fears and tackle the hurdles that are holding us back from moving forward in life. Undoubtedly, many of us still living in the time of COVID-19 can relate to the message in the song. Overall, the lyrics are haunting and demand our attention by speaking to our conscience and our hearts.

Even before the release of their debut album, Superbloom has proven their worth with the release of their latest single Smile. They have captured the sound of 90s hard rock in a fresh and interesting blend. With more exciting singles on the way, Superbloom continues to enthrall the next generation of hard rock lovers everywhere.

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