Swedish Duo The Connecting Dots Unleashes A Edgier Album With An Epic Feel ‘Treasures In The Valley’

The Connecting DotsPhoto by Therese Lundell

This album is appropriately titled as each song on it is a treasure in their own right. I read up about this duo’s output and it’s been said that their previous music lends itself easily to a movie soundtrack as it comes equipped with a cinematic feel to it. Well, this album is no different (although very different sounding) as it too has mass cinematic appeal to it. Straight from jump The Connecting Dots grabs a hold of your mind and shakes you awake. You find yourself immersed into the world created by this duo on this mesmerizing album.

The album is driven by Helena Sundstrom’s engaging lyrical prowess as she acts as a stellar tour guide throughout the soundscape these two have crafted. She holds your hand throughout so as to not lose you through the myriad sounds that are invading your ears. Granted you want to be lost within the music, but it feels good to be tethered to a good person who knows how to traverse their way through the sounds. Helena does that with great ease.

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Johan Borg’s unparalleled guitar play helps add the extra level of production to help elevate the creativity needed to round out each of the songs. His play is so chock full of expertise that he is able to easily transition through the multiple styles on display throughout this album’s runtime. He can hit the grittier riffs on tracks like ‘Move On’ as well as being more reserved like he is on ‘Racing With The Moon’. That’s not even starting to touch on Helena’s ability to switch up her lyrical delivery throughout each of the songs. If you were to look in the dictionary for the definition of “range” you would find an image of her. My last point is to emphasize just how cinematic feeling this album is. I could easily see gripping movie scenes played out with this album backing them. This album is definitely one of those that you can just close your eyes an vibe out to as a movie plays out in your head.

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