Beautifully Equipped With Powerful And Soulful Voice, Tatum Quinn Continues To Impress ‘Sell Your Soul’

Tatum QuinnPhoto by Mikey Lavi

Upon first hearing ‘Sell Your Soul’ I was initially blown away by the power and ferocity behind Tatum Quinn’s voice. It comes across as one that has had multiple lifetimes of experience maneuvering through the obstacles facing musicians. The trials and tribulations of travelling a hardened road as they bless the listening world with their majestic voice and message residing within their words. She literally puts it all out there as she bares her soul to a judgmental world who can be cruel and fickle when it comes to acceptance of all artists.

Looking back into literature written about Tatum Quinn it provides more information into the creative process she brings to the table when gifting the world with her music. This young lady has opened for the likes of Kool & The Gang, The Pointer Sisters, April Wine and Boy George. Now those are some legendary and iconic and legendary heavy hitters. They don’t just let anybody do that. Tatum Quinn is most assuredly not “just anybody”. She is a rare talent that commands your attention with her intoxicating voice. She’s gifted with a voice that you can just lay back, close your eyes, and just groove with.

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‘Sell Your Soul’ is that special type of track that after MULTIPLE listening’s it has attached itself to my brain and planted its flag. Tatum Quinn’s voice, although new to me, is here to stay. The soulfulness behind her delivery reminds me a bit of the late great Amy Winehouse. It’s got that beautiful and perfect mixture of a wide range with a touch of raspy style. She injects the full power of her voice behind a wonderful message geared towards inspiring the masses. One that stresses not giving up no matter what you face, riddled with a feeling of wanting to give up yet powering through. Realizing her desires and going after them. Taking the angst of the hardships in her past and using them as the fuel for her creativity in songwriting. Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for a deep dive into the rest of her musical catalog.


You Lost Me (Music Video)

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