Teen Mortgage release a music video for ‘Valley’

Washington, DC-based duo Teen Mortgage pleases its listeners with a new entirely self produced music video for ‘Valley’, the track off their award-winning EP, SMOKED.

When the epidemic hit, the members of Teen Mortgage came to the conclusion that they needed to get busy recording or get busy dying because the opportunity to perform live was gone in a blink of an eye. They made the decision to put their skilled hands to work, and the end result was the Award-winning EP ‘SMOKED’. It was awarded as the 2022 Washington Music Awards’ best punk album.

Teen MortgagePhoto by Gabby Minkewicz @minkiewicsphoto

The last track off the EP, ‘Valley’, feels dreamy and also features groovy parts. The chorus comes down like a heavy sledgehammer, with a heavy beat and rough riffs that hit on devilish notes. It’s impressive what sound and power two people can achieve. To achieve this big sound, the five tracks in ‘Smoked’ EP were recorded and mixed by Justin Day of New Noise Recordings, and mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman of Mobtown Studios.

Listen to ‘Smoked’ EP on Spotify

With James Guile on vocals/guitar, and Ed Barakauskas playing drums, Teen Mortgage’s sound feels like rough sandpaper going over your flesh, but at the same time they create an atmosphere that heal wounds. They have performed on stages with artists like Alex Lahey, Bass Drum of Death, The Coathangers, and Surf Curse, and their music has been heard at festivals like Punk Island, H st. Music Festival, and Frozen Harbor, to mention a few.

Starting from ‘Shangri-La’, all the way to ‘Valley’, each track on Smoked EP is nothing but pleasure to your ears. This record has something for everyone, whether you’re a hard rocker or a metalhead, what your haircut looks like or what color your shirt is. Enjoy it and keep an eye out for updates!

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