The Atavists release a new single ‘Time’ along with a music video and announce a new album

The Atavists, a Czech rock band, have released the first single from their long-awaited album. With a long history of live performances and even supporting bands like Muse, they’re charging forward with no end in sight and gifting the world with new music.

Known for their intense live performances, The Atavists established themselves back in 2014 and rapidly gained recognition in the Czech music scene. After making it to the finals of the International Battle Of The Bands in Berlin, the doors swung open, and they performed at major music festivals and supported bands like Kvelertak, Biffy Clyro, Skunk Anansie, and even Muse, a band known to almost everyone. The band’s leader, Adam Krofian, who is a singer, guitarist, and does the majority of the songwriting, is in charge of the entire sound. It follows with Adam Janosik on drumming parts, Hugo Trkal playing bass, and Max Andrews on keys and synths. Without further ado, hear it for yourself, press the play button and enjoy The Atavists’ latest tune.

Listen to ‘Time’ on Spotify

They gained momentum and earned positive reviews with their first album, ‘Bad Times’, released in 2016, but the band’s second record might be the most fruitful. Released in 2018 with the involvement of veteran sound engineer Amak Golden, The Atavists took off as a rocket by releasing ‘Lo-Fi Life’, gaining press coverage and a positive response from the public. In 2019, they won two honorable Anděl Awards as the best new band and the best new rock album. It’s basically the Czech Grammy Awards. The album’s lead single ‘Wrong’ was widely played on the radio and hit the charts.

The Atavists are planning to tour Central and Western Europe, so follow them on socials and don’t miss a chance to see them live.

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