London Alt-Rock Band THE BIGGER PICTURE Kicks Down Door With Audibly Arresting Synth infused Rock Anthem ‘EMPIRES’

The Bigger PicturePhoto by Macready Massey

From the opening use of synth the tone is set, and as an audience member you feel you’re in for something different. The energized guitars and pulse pounding drums enrapture you in their grasp. Once the enthusiastically one two punch of the vocalists, who each bring their own tenor, erupt onto the track you are instantly overtaken and energized. The style and structure of the fantastic song ‘EMPIRES’ is unique in itself, but recalls where some of the band’s inspirations come from, and sounds pleasantly reminiscent of My Chemical Romance, and that is meant as complimentary as it places The Bigger Picture in good company.

This song is such an eclectic mash up of different musical styles that it is a breath of fresh air that never has a chance to grow stagnant, as you are ferried around sonically through the soundscape The Bigger Picture is laying out for you. The energy put into this song is hyper kinetic and successfully gets the heart going. Hearing them I would assume they are a treat to see live as they’d be able to covey that energized style with as much fervency and aplomb as they did so wonderfully here.

The Bigger Picture Empires TBP 2021 33Photo by Gianmarco Rizzo

Empires’ thankfully has an accompanying music video that was expertly directed by Alex Deitsch. It’s a video that captures in a bottle the energy that The Bigger Picture has brought out to musical landscape, and successfully planted their flag stating that they are here to be seen and heard. A musical force to be reckoned with. My advice to you is to do whatever is needed and go seek out this group as you assuredly going to be pleased with their musical outpouring. Bandmates Massimiliano Porcelli, Jordan Brown, Harley Mann joined forces with Paolo Tognoloni and Alex Thompson as they all formed like Voltron to create a vibrant new sound for your listening pleasure.



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