The British IBM Trio Makes Lemonade Out Of Lemons By Birthing Their Amazing Album From Pandemic Lockdown ‘Friday Night At The Twitch Bar’

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Artists are going to create art. That’s what they do given the right inspiration. Adversity tends to spawn some of the greatest inspiration in artists, and the Pandemic imposed worldwide lockdown was the inspiration people didn’t know they needed in 2020. Even though the band formed in 2012, and the Pandemic caused government restrictions to lock everybody down, The British IBM used things to their advantage. Already having 3 albums under their belt, this 4th album was created quite differently. All around the world artists of various mediums had to find alternative ways to create and generate art for the masses. Thus, the platform of Twitch started garnering some of the most eclectic artists around, who were now gaining audiences they hadn’t before due to the streaming platform. With that we were blessed with the ‘Friday Night At The Twitch Bar’ by The British IBM.

‘Friday Night At The Twitch Bar’ was born with that first lockdown which many thought was going to cripple the entire industry of creatives in various mediums. Enter Adrian Killens, who started playing acoustic guitar and belting out infectious vocal performances for anybody out in interwebs, and they did just that. Unbeknownst to him his cathartic songs inspired his followers who were yearning for more, and once the lockdown was lifted and a bit of normalcy returned, he was able to start working in studio with his bandmates as they created catchy and beautiful songs.

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His songs which were once just acoustic, now had become multilayered with various other instruments and backing vocals being brought in to sweeten the pot. Scott Wilson stylishly lays a catchy rhythm behind the drumkit that drives the songs with a nostalgic feel of 60’s pop, while David Martin’s bassline provides another layer of rhythm to keep this musical gravy train going. Infuse all that with Adrian Killen’s poppy yet funny and strange lyrics and mesmerizing guitar player, and this trio has struck gold. The lyrical content is wide ranging from singing about ‘Refuse Trucks In Films’ where they reference Child’s Play 3 to ‘If Charlie Sheen Was Winning’ and many more gems throughout. The British IBM is most assuredly worth your listening time as they won’t disappoint.

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