The Clay People Throttles Your Brain With Their Newest Hard-Hitting Album Of Epicness ‘CULT HYPNOTICA’

The Clay PeopleThe Clay People / Publicity photo

The Clay People have emerged from the other side of the seemingly was once perceived as the never-ending Global Pandemic with a masterpiece of hard-edged music. It’s a beautiful mixture of Hard Rock, Metal and Punk. To have already been privy to The Clay People’s sound, then you will most assuredly be ready for the glory that they are committing to wax. It is safe to say it’s akin to the old adage of “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”. There is absolutely nothing broken about The Clay People. They operate like a well-oiled machine gifting us with sounds that act as a shock to our systems.

This album ‘Cult Hypnotic’ is a masterpiece of music. From the guttural and hard-hitting guitar riffs to the brain thumping drums and everything in between, this album has it all PLUS the kitchen sink. This album is sure to please even the most finicky of music purists. The lyrical content of this elevated album never shy’s away from tough subject matter like misinformation by the media and religion, the ever-increasing corruption of political agents and people’s over reliance of technology, and how that in turn ends up controlling us. Like I said, tough subjects to cover, but they do it with great aplomb.

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Daniel Neet’s majestic vocals act once again as a guide through the musical journey that The Clay People have laid out. His voice is nothing short of mesmerizing. Brian McGarvey’s eclectic guitar play is mesmerizing as it captures audience members into the sounds created by his fingers manipulating his instrument. Dan Dinsmore’s eruptive drumming is rapturous as it sets the breakneck pace of this stellar album and D. Patrick Walsh’s throughline of astounding bass play is nothing short of amazing. All these important components have combined to make an album for the ages.


Cult Hypnotic (Music Video)

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