The Congregation Has Come With An Intensity That’ll Convert All Non-Believers ‘Lie To Me’

Hooked by an intense opening drumbeat that harkens back to Priestess, I was already drawn in. Grabbed a hold of the rails and prepped myself for the ride I was about to go on. What a hell of a ride it was. The Congregation is full of energy. The type of energy that’ll inject even the most lethargic with an abundance of life. You can’t help but find yourself having the tingles coursing through your veins upon hearing this banger of a song.

The Congregation has come equipped with all the hallmarks of knock down, drag out, bada** rock & roll. Everything from the eruptive guitar riffs that ooze with swag and attitude to the ever-present hypnotic drum beat that batters you over the head with intensity. The mid song guitar solo is evocative of the many great guitar solos of yesteryear. Front-man Clayton Bellamy epitomizes everything that you could want in a frontman. His overall presentation is just the tops. He moves with the essence of “cool”. He’s the person you want to be around and are hanging on his every word.

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The accompanying music video is a thing of beauty. Expertly shot as it portrays a preacher man spreading his word to his followers. Intercutting the insanely intoxicating performance from The Congregation as Clayton performs what appears to be a ritualistic sacrifice before his followers. The visuals work masterfully as they line up with the thought-provoking lyrics that Clayton composed. All in all, The Congregation is here to spread the word as they are led by the preaching of Clayton, and I am here to ingest what it is they have to say. I can only hope they bring their traveling show to Chicago as I believe it would be quite the spectacle to behold.

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